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Signature memory plates are a great way to remember a special occasion in a way that everyone can participate. Plates are designed with a clip art graphic of the occasion, the name and date of the event, and then signed by everyone at the event. It is a lasting memory for weddings, birthdays, special parties, family dinners, teachers, sports, and anything that your heart feels is a moment to remember. Plates (or any other piece of your choosing from our bisque selection) can be used for the occasion and painted by you or, with your ideas, by the artists of An Originals By You. We have on display some of the numerous ideas for your special plates, and will be happy to guide you in your creation or we can do it for you. We will then glaze and fire the original for you and with a special pen everyone can autograph the plate at the event.

Can you think of a better way to remember this year's holiday get together. Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas morning, New Years Eve, Parties, Teachers, Coaches, Weddings, Births, Birthdays . . . any occasion is a great time for a memory plate in your life.

Make or order your memory plate from the Artists at An Originals By You EARLY as each one is done on a special order basis. For additional information, stop in or give us a call at 336.722.3500.

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BEGIN A TRADITION AND/OR DON'T FORGET TO UPDATE TRADITIONS ALREADY STARTED WITH YOUR CHILD(REN) HAND AND FOOT PRINTS: These are those special things for grandparents, special friends, and for your in-home collection that once missed can’t be repeated. They're not like the pencil marks on the wall, they are lasting marks of your child's growth during the past year. You can't order them from Franklin Plate Company, you can't order them from the worldwide web, and you can't find them on the shelves of the finest department stores. You can, though, create them with smiles, laughter, and FUN at An Originals By You. TODAY IS TOMORROW'S GOOD OLD DAYS.

OPEN SUNDAYS by request only: We will open for your FUN, relaxing, and creating pleasure on Sunday afternoons. Join us!

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Remember: that while AOBY regular ceramic pieces are not recommended for microwave or oven use, they are all food safe.

We strive to keep you supplied with over 500 different bisque items for selection on each of your visits with us. We also strive to maintain only the best qualilty of bisque. All of our bisque must be cleaned and fired from greenware to bisque stage at an 04 cone temperature (1940 degrees). This important stage means that the bisque will accept the quality Duncan Concept underglazes you apply and the non-toxic overglaze we apply before the final firing at 06 cone temperature (1830 degrees). If you have a special request for a particular design, we will try to find it for you. All special orders, once assured they can be obtained, must be prepaid.

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It's hard for us to believe that a number of An Originals By You creations remain on the shelves long after the seven day turn around time from completion to pickup. It is sad though that during last year a number of pieces remained on the shelves, were moved to storage, but still remain unclaimed. We have some really special pieces such as a cute puppy with "Sarah" painted on it, some really clever plates, computer sitters, a picture frame, and a few others. We have tried to trace these pieces to the creator when possible, but often no name or date is painted on the piece and its real origin remains a mystery. Please if you have any of your Original Creations or know of friends who have Original Creations which have remained with us over 30 days, give us a call or arrange to pick it up soon.

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